'Pertinent' info found in Brame's apartment

May 8, 2003 

Pierce County Sheriff's deputies found documents inside David Brame's Tacoma apartment that may be "pertinent" to an outside investigation into Brame's fatal shootings of his wife and himself.

"What the information is in those documents has been investigated and will be turned over to outside agencies," sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said Wednesday, in response to questions.

"There is nothing there as far as diaries or suicide notes," Troyer added.

A Pierce County Superior Court judge Wednesday unsealed documents related to a search of Brame's apartment April 26, the day of the shootings.

In the documents, Pierce County sheriff's detective Sgt. Todd Karr said he was looking for "hand-written tapes, audio tapes, videotapes or messages stored on computer discs ... created by David Brame" that might show his intentions.

"When we searched the apartment, it was like no one lived there," Tryer said. "It was very sparse."

On April 30, investigators asked the judge to seal the search warrant documents, noting the high-profile case and the need to avoid compromising "potential sources of information."

"This investigation may lead to an investigation of Tacoma Police Department personnel and their actions in this matter and prior to this incident," the document states. "There is a potential for a criminal investigation to develop."

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