One Year Later: The Brame Shootings - Your views on the Tacoma police

April 26, 2004 

"The police union has not changed its attitude or acknowledged the problem and have interfered with the investigation. The city has tried to make changes, but they are a Band-Aid on a very deep-rooted issue, similar to putting up signs in schools that read, 'No Gun Zone' and telling parents that their kids are safer for it."


"I sincerely hope better safeguards are put in place to end the back-slapping-buddy-promotion system that allowed Brame to be promoted to chief. Better communication, as well as a more comprehensive citizen review board and possibly incorporating an annual couples review for those officers who are married, would be tremendous steps in alleviating future problems."


"A zero-tolerance policy for law-breakers of the police and political communities isn't enough. Legislation should be enacted that prohibits the police unions from interfering in the investigation of its members regarding a murder investigation. Once it's determined a cop or those empowered to employ them has misused his or her power, they should be fired, prosecuted and if found guilty, stripped of any pension and made a long-term resident in a correctional facility."


"In the beginning, I was encouraged that there would be some internal changes and controls put in place to ensure that another officer is not allowed to slip through the system like Brame did. Now, I don't trust that will happen."


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