Your views on domestic violence

April 27, 2004 

"Until checks and balances are put in place and very clear policies regarding spousal abuse or other warning signs are mandated, the number of investigations and high-ranking personnel terminations is irrelevant."


"Domestic violence is getting the attention it critically needs at the level required to actually protect victims. Many agencies dedicated to domestic violence prevention and intervention in Pierce County are continuing their hard work to educate the public and to protect victims, but there are many stereotypes, assumptions, biases and taboos to overcome before we can say domestic violence is not tolerated here. We have more work to do."


"Too much has been done. Though I do not condone the murder of Crystal Brame or spousal abuse, the one issue that seems to be overlooked is what drove David Brame to such an extreme act? We need to rethink our Draconian divorce and child support laws and policies. This witch hunt has cost good public servants their jobs and their reputations not to mention the cost of the investigation and subsequent fallout. We need to quit looking for a scapegoat and look at the causal relationship between what happened and why it happened."


"I don't think enough has been done. Too often, people in positions of authority commit domestic abuse and get away with it because of who they are, who they know or their job title. We have got to institute policies whereby people in positions of authority or power are held to higher standards. So often they are believed innocent simply because of the nameplate on the door. We have got to begin making examples of these people and enforcing the policies already in effect, not letting them slide."


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