TACOMA: Pastor helps orphans - and you can help, too

April 28, 2004 

The Rev. Keith Galbraith says he has seen too many parents die and leave behind their children.

Inspired by the children of David and Crystal Brame, Galbraith started the Domestic Violence Orphans Fund to raise money for children who have lost parents and to help support their new caregivers.

Some future beneficiaries might have a parent who is alive but in prison, said Galbraith, head of the Family Renewal Shelter in Tacoma. He said he's using the word "orphan" in the name in the expanded sense, he said, because an imprisoned parent isn't able to do much parenting.

"I want to use that term so people think, 'Wow. This kid doesn't have anybody,'" he said.

To donate to the fund, go to www.domesticviolencehelp.com and specify "Domestic Violence Orphans Fund" as your designation. You can also mail checks to the Family Renewal Shelter, 6832 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98408, or contact the Family Renewal Shelter at 253-475-9010.

Lisa Kremer, The News Tribune

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