Atlantic Adventure update: Day 27

July 6, 2006 

Four University of Puget Sound graduates are attempting to become the first Americans to row across the North Atlantic as participants in the first Atlantic Ocean Fours Race.

DAYS: 27


MILES TO GO: 1,296

ON BOARD: OAR Northwest continues to add to its lead, now 260 miles ahead of the second-place boat. The team has been averaging about 54 miles a day this week, while the Yorkshire Warrior is averaging 48 miles a day and Team Hesco is at a 36-mile-a-day pace. The support boat Sula is en route to check on the team of Northwest rowers and was about 70 miles behind their boat, the James Robert Hanssen, on Wednesday morning. In their blog, the team reported an encounter with a large, dark-colored whale that surfaced about 30 to 40 yards from their craft. The visible portion of the whale was about 40 feet long, and there was more of it under water. “For whatever reason my first impression was that this was a sperm whale. My thoughts instantly went to ‘Moby-Dick’ and the black and white photographs of the New England whalers. This was a big whale,” wrote Jordan Hanssen.

CONTACT: Send a free text message to the team at Click “send a satellite message,” and use the number 881641426086.


Jeffrey P. Mayor, The News Tribune

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