Stadium High School through the years

September 9, 2006 

1875 – Tacoma incorporates as a city.

1890 – Amid population and economic boom, 9 acres of land adjacent to Old Woman’s Gulch is purchased for a luxury hotel.

1891 – Construction begins on a seven-story chateaulike hotel for tourists, with financing from the Northern Pacific Railroad and Tacoma Land Co.

1893 – Depression hits, causing the railroad to fail and halting construction of the $750,000 hotel.

1898 – A suspicious fire guts the unfinished building, which was being used to store construction material.

1904 – Northern Pacific Railroad hires a company to tear down what’s left of the building. Locals intervene and decide to convert the burned-out shell into a high school.

1906 – Classes begin at Tacoma High School, redesigned by architect Frederick Heath and financed by $500,000 in voter-approved bonds.

1910 – Stadium Bowl added and school renamed for it.

1917 – Swimming pools and gym built under courtyard.

July 5, 1923 – President Warren G. Harding and his wife are greeted by a crowd of 25,000 at Stadium Bowl during a visit to Tacoma.

June 30, 1938 – More than 5,000 gather at Stadium Bowl to celebrate a $2.7 million Works Progress Administration grant for Narrows Bridge construction.

Dec. 6, 1941 – Washington State College plays Texas A&M in the Evergreen Bowl at Stadium Bowl. The Aggies beat the Cougars, 7-0.

June 7, 1946 – Bob Hope plays at Stadium Bowl to benefit the Young Men’s Business Club.

1949 – Earthquake damages Stadium Bowl spectator stands, which are condemned and unused for years.

1957-58 – Stadium undergoes major remodel. Roof replaced and copper caps installed on turrets.

1960 – Stadium Bowl back in use after major repairs.

1967 – Cafeteria enlarged into a modern addition that juts out of the building’s north end overlooking Commencement Bay.

1975 – Industrial Arts and Sciences Building opens across from main building.

1981 – Stadium turns 75.

1985 – Stadium Bowl rededicated, again.

1986 – First Relay for Life held in Stadium Bowl. It would grow into a national fundraiser for cancer research.

1998 – Exterior scenes for Hollywood feature “Ten Things I Hate About You” filmed at Stadium.

2001 – Tacoma voters pass a $450 million bond measure, which includes Stadium renovation as largest single item.

2004 – Stadium closed for renovation project. Students attend classes in the old Mount Tahoma building for two years.

Sept. 6, 2006 – First day of classes in the renovated school.

Sept. 15-17, 2006 – Stadium centennial celebrated.

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