In 140 characters, where were you when … ?

May 16, 2010 

Memories of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 140 characters or fewer. Submitted to our Twitter account at

pamruzic: lived in SW Portland & could see St. Helens from next door neighbors’ backyard; we knew eruption of some size coming.

JoyByTheSea: Yikes! didn’t know what was happening ran got my camera laid on road took photos of crazy clouds later found out was ash!

stevesloboda: I wrote “Stevie” in ash on hood of Mom’s new car because I thought it was snow. It scratched into the paint. Mom not happy!

Tomas_ScionLife: Flying south from Auburn, WA piloting a Piper Tomahawk. Saw St. Helens ahead belch, went back to Auburn. Some buffeting.

quakerdan: I was 3, saw the explosion from the back window of my mom’s car “Look mom, the mountain is exploding again” I still remember.

LegendsRoofing: Was 12 & living in FW at the time. Sitting at picnic table in the South of France (vacation) when I heard the news!

bigseahawk: “I was 8 and lived on So.Hill Puyallup. I thought it was the end of the world when Mt. St. Helens woke up in May 1980!”

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