A look at QBs to consider for the Seahawks

Staff reportApril 22, 2012 


Rob Rang, senior draft analyst with CBSSports.com and NFLDraftScout.com, reviews players Seattle might select in each round of this year’s NFL draft.

First round, 12th pick: Ryan Tannehill, 6-4, 221, Texas A&M
Rob’s rationale: With Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson ahead of him on the depth chart, the Seahawks would be able to provide Tannehill with the time he needs to develop to take advantage of his impressive skill-set.

Second round, 43rd pick: Kirk Cousins, 6-3, 214, Michigan State
Rob’s rationale: An effective game-manager who some scouts compare to Flynn, Cousins’ intangibles will win him points with coaches.

Third round, 75th pick: Brock Osweiler, 6-7, 242, Arizona State
Rob’s rationale: Undeniably raw but boasts the size, surprising athleticism and big arm worthy of developing.

Fourth round, 106th pick: Russell Wilson, 5-11, 204, Wisconsin
Rob’s rationale: Strong-armed, athletic and instinctive, Wilson has everything scouts are looking for except the size.

Sixth pick, 181th pick: B.J. Coleman, 6-3, 232, Tennessee-Chattanooga
Rob’s rationale: A Tennessee transfer, Coleman offers intriguing upside and, frankly, would rank higher if a shoulder injury hadn’t hampered his senior season.

Seventh round, 225th pick: G.J. Kinne, 6-1, 234, Tulsa
Rob’s rationale: A Texas transfer, Kinne dominated Conference USA and stood out during the all-star game circuit, earning MVP of the inaugural NFLPA Bowl.

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