Mount Rainier National Park report for May 27

Staff writerMay 27, 2012 


Mount Rainier

April 2012: 25,320

April 2011: 20,049

Difference: 26.3 percent

Year to date 2012: 72,552

Year to date 2011: 78,512

Difference: -7.6 percent

What a difference some sunny weekends make. Finally, buoyed by good weather, the number of recreation visits in April was up 26.3 percent compared with April 2011. Last month’s count was the highest April count since 2007. The strong rebound last month also cut the year-to-date difference to single digits. The number of recreation visits so far in 2012 is down just 7.6 percent compared with last year.


April 2012: 114,970

April 2011: 128,660

Difference: -10.6 percent

Year to date 2012: 329,626

Year to date 2011: 383,161

Difference: -14 percent

Recreational visit declines at the Elwha, Kalaloch and Lake Crescent districts contributed to an overall decline in April. It was also the worst April count in the past five years. Despite the poor month, the park was able to trim its annual count deficit from 15.7 percent in March to 14 percent last month.

Jeffrey P. Mayor,

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