Pot license suggestions

Staff writerJune 19, 2013 

The State Liquor Control Board, which also controls the business of recreational marijuana, has issued a list of the “Top 10 Suggestions for Preparing to Apply for a Marijuana License.”

The list aims “to give you a courtesy heads-up on some things you should be considering, preparing or actively doing now if you are interested in applying for a producer, processor or retail license.”

Know first that the board will not be accepting license applications until mid-September. “However,” according to a news release, “there are steps you can take now to lay the groundwork so that you are ready by September.”

10. Know the law and rules.

9. Consider consulting an attorney.

8. Tightly regulated system. (Do you have the necessary capital or financing to meet the start-up and operating costs?)

7. Criminal history. (An extensive or violent criminal history will likely prevent you from getting a license.)

6. State residency. (You would need to have started living in Washington state by mid-June if you want to apply.)

5. Communicate with your local government. (Have you talked with your local government – county, city or port– about your plans?)

4. Special use regulations. (Are there environmental or special use permits required where you plan to grow or process marijuana?)

3. Location, location, location. (Initiative 502 prohibits locations of any license type within 1,000 feet of the perimeter of an elementary or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, public transit center, library or arcade that is not restricted to persons at least age 21.)

2. No surprises. (Under the initial draft rules, the landlord or property owner must sign an attestation that he or she is aware that the property being leased will be used for production, processing or retailing marijuana.)

1. Learn about the application process. (A producer, processor or retail license will be an endorsement on your business license, which is administered by the Washington State Department of Revenue. A $250 application fee per marijuana license type must be included with the application. There may be other licensing fees.)

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