Police Beat: She said the music made her do it

Staff writerJuly 20, 2013 

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma Police.

July 14: The Tacoma woman hated her neighbor’s music, so she lied to police.

She called 911 and said a man with a gun was standing on the neighbor’s porch and threatening her.

Ten officers converged on an address in the 600 block of South Ainsworth Avenue, running lights and sirens. The officers met and started talking tactics.

The woman, 67, was walking a little white dog. She rushed up to the team of officers.

“I called! I called!” she said. “Wait, he doesn’t have a gun!”

An officer asked the woman to explain.

“I only said he has a gun to get you guys here faster,” she said. “He never had a gun. I made it up. I am just so sick of the loud music. I’m going to kill myself tomorrow.”

Officers cuffed the woman and put her in a patrol car. She said she’d been living in the neighborhood for six months, and she was tired of her neighbors playing music too loud. She said she’d called before, but nothing ever happened and no one ever did anything. She said she couldn’t sleep.

“It’s done something to my body,” she said.

Had she ever attempted suicide before? No, the woman said.

Officers interviewed the neighbor, a 33-year-old woman. She said she and her family (two daughters and her fiancé) were listening to a song on the front porch and turned it up so they could sing.

The neighbor said the older woman had approached her and said, “If you don’t turn that music down I am going to kill myself.”

Police checked the history of calls to the address. They found only one, from 10 days earlier – a noise complaint from the woman. Officers booked her into the Fife City Jail on suspicion of making false statements to a police officer. They gave her dog to another neighbor.

July 14: The white Mustang swerved back and forth, under the speed limit but over the crazy line, in and out of the curb lane.

Two officers watched from a nearby patrol car. The Mustang stopped for a red light at the intersection of South 56th Street and South Tacoma, signaled and turned. The Mustang stopped at another intersection, behind another car, then swerved into the curb lane and turned right without a signal.

The officers flicked on their lights and pulled the car over. They found a 19-year-old man inside, holding his left hand out of sight. They saw a golf-ball sized object covered in electrical tape with a green fuse sticking out of it.

“Why did you pull me over?” the man said.

An officer asked the driver for his license, registration and proof of insurance.

“No,” the man said. “Not until you tell me why you pulled me over.”

They asked him to identify himself. The man refused. He wanted to know why he’d been stopped.

The officer asked again for the license and registration. The man refused and kept hiding his hand.

Twice, the officer asked the man to get out of the car. Twice, the man refused. He said he’d been pulled over unlawfully.

The officer opened the driver’s door and told the man to step out. He wouldn’t. The officers unbuckled the man’s seat belt, took him out, and told him to put his hands behind his back. The man resisted, pulling his arms back. Officers cuffed him.

They told him they’d stopped him because of the odd driving and turning without a signal.

“You just saw my car running crazy and pulled me over,” the man said. “Yanked me out and beat me up for no reason.”

He said his transmission was messed up and that was why he drove strangely. He said the officers arrested him because he was black.

The golf-ball sized object was a smoke bomb, the man said – a leftover from the July 4 holiday. Officers booked the man into the Fife City jail on suspicion of obstructing a police officer.

July 13: On the street, a “smoker rental” means a car loaned to drug addicts so they can drive to their next buy.

Officers found one at a gas station in the 1700 block of South 72nd Street – a silver 2006 Chrysler 300 with no plates. The car was parked at the pumps, not moving. The driver, a 43-year-old woman, was passed out.

Loose cash scattered over the floorboards, along with a small piece of what looked like steel wool – a standard accessory for glass drug pipes.

Officers woke the woman up and cuffed her. They found a glass pipe in her purse. They asked her where she got the car. She said it was a smoker rental, loaned to her by a man named J.D.

The car traced to a theft report tied to a Lakewood motel. Officers called the owner, a 52-year-old man from Minnesota, and more recently, Tacoma.

The man arrived and said he’d heard from a friend that his car was spotted at the gas station. Officers asked about the earlier theft report. The man said a prostitute came to the motel with someone named J.D., but he knew little more; the car had been taken while he was sleeping at the motel, he said.

Officers arrested the man on an unrelated local warrant. They booked the woman into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

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