Boeing making more workforce cuts

Staff writerJuly 30, 2013 

Boeing told 146 Washington workers this week and last that they will be laid off in late September. Those layoffs are part of a continuing effort by Boeing to trim its workforce in the Puget Sound area.

The company has said it will likely lay off more than 1,700 workers in Washington before the year ends.  Boeing said it is cutting employment as final assembly work on its 787 Dreamliner stabilizes and cutbacks are made in the production rate of the 747-8.

Not all of those workers receiving notices this month will lose their jobs. Some could transfer to other open jobs within the company.

Boeing brought on hundreds of extra production workers on the 787 program to complete work on the composite jetliner assemblies that Boeing's partner companies were unable to do before those major components were shipped to Boeing 787 assembly line in Everett.

Now those partners are shipping components that need no additional work.

Boeing has reduced its Washington workforce from 86,397 at the end of January to 85,106 at the end of June, company figures show.  That 1,291-employee reduction was 1.5 percent of its Evergreen State employee pool.

The company hasn't singled out Washington for workforce cuts. In South Carolina, where Boeing has built a third 787 assembly line and where it makes major 787 fuselage sections, the payroll has been cut from 6,764 at the end of February to 6,583 at the end of June. That 181-worker reduction was 2.7 percent of Boeing's South Carolina workforce.





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