2 men killed in car crash in Tacoma following beer theft

KIRO-TVJuly 31, 2013 

Two men were killed and a third is missing after they crashed their car after stealing 12-packs of beer from a convenience store, police said.

Police said three men went into a Chevron convenience store in the 7200 block of McKinley Avenue in Tacoma at 12:30 a.m.

When the clerk confronted the men, one of them pushed him to the ground.

The men sped away in a BMW. When the car was about a mile from the convenience store, the driver lost control, hit a garbage bin, and then drove off the road and hit a stop sign. The BMW launched into the air and flew about 30 feet into a construction site at East 64th Street near M Street.

The violent landing threw two men out of the car.Police think the men died instantly. The third man has not been found.

Officers said they found some beer in the BMW.

The clerk suffered minor injuries in the assault.

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