Kent man charged with assault for allegedy 'sucker-punching' Vikings fan at Seahawks game

The Seattle TimesSeptember 3, 2013 

A Kent man has been charged with second-degree assault after he allegedly sucker-punched a Minnesota Vikings fan during a game last November at CenturyLink Field.

William D. Van Meveren, 34,  was arrested after the Nov. 4  incident, but was released pending further investigation. He was charged last week, according to charging documents filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

The victim, Ty Copp, 34, was reportedly engaged in “good-natured joking” with Seahawks fans seated nearby throughout the game, according to charging documents. With the Seahawks ahead (the team would eventually beat the Vikings 30-20), Copp and his wife decided to leave early to avoid traffic, the documents say.

The couple had left Section 122 of CenturyLink when someone “sucker-punched” Copp in the face, the documents allege. Copp fell backwards and struck his head on the concrete, losing consciousness.

According to the documents, Van Meveren claims he was walking down the stairs at the stadium when a fist came toward his face, grazing his chin. He said he responded by punching the man in front of him.

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