Alleged robber blames Mickey Mouse for holdup in Tacoma

Staff writerSeptember 4, 2013 

He just wanted to get high with Pluto. It was Mickey Mouse’s idea.

That’s what the man told Tacoma police officers when they found him holding up the customer service counter at the K-mart store on East 72nd Street Sunday.

He followed officers’ orders to drop his hunting knife and lie on the ground. Police said they also recovered a metal blade, a bag of heroin and a steak knife from his pockets.

A bag of cash still sat on the counter.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged the man with first-degree robbery with an enhancement for using a deadly weapon. He has not yet been arraigned.

Charging papers tell this story:

The customer service clerk noticed the man standing near the front doors for about 15 minutes before he approached her, put a knife on the counter and asked for money.

The clerk put cash in a bag and set it on the counter.

The man then threatened to hurt himself and pulled out a hunting knife when he couldn’t cut himself with the steak knife. Covered in blood, he then asked to use the telephone.

He was still standing at the counter when police arrived and took him into custody.

The man told officers he was hanging out with Mickey Mouse prior to the incident and was high on methamphetamine.

“Mickey told the defendant to get some money so he could get high with Pluto,” court records state. “The defendant claimed that Pluto was biting his leg during the entire incident. The defendant asked the officers if they saw Pluto.”

The man said he cut himself to prove to the clerk that he was serious about wanting money.

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