Police say JBLM soldier admitted to stalking at least 50 young women and teenagers this year

September 18, 2013 

COURTESY PHOTO — Lakewood police photo

A Joint Base Lewis McChord soldier arrested for stalking young women and teenagers admitted stalking at least 50 victims since January of this year, according to Lakewood police.

The 34-year-old soldier faces three counts of misdemeanor stalking, and police said they expect more victims to come forward. 

Police said the soldier followed the victims, including two minors on the way to school, in a red and tan Dodge truck and tried to get them to come talk to him.

“If they ignore him, he keeps them under surveillance, continues to follow them for quite a period of time,” police Lt. Chris Lawler said.

After the solider’s arrest Tuesday, he admitted stalking young women and girls for months, Lawler said. 

“He estimates doing this with about 50 other females,” Lawler said. 

None of the victims was harmed.

Lakewood undercover police officers arrested the soldier after spotting his truck “driving around and looking for females,” Lawler said. He “claimed he meant the victims no harm. (He) said he was lonely and that he just wanted to talk to somebody. But’s it’s really creepy and it made these girls feel really uncomfortable.”

Police asked any women or girls who think they were stalked by the soldier to contact them.

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