North Tacoma residents concerned about magazine salesman's 'aggressive' tactics

Staff writerSeptember 19, 2013 

Some Tacoma residents say a magazine salesman has been aggressively soliciting in their neighborhood.

According to an email from a Tacoma police community liaison officer to residents, the man was contacted by police at North 29th and North Alder streets, and told to stop or be arrested; He did not have a city business licence, the note said.

Residents said in a neighborhood email chain that the salesman is "rude," and "aggressive" to people who turn him down. They cite one example when they say he was angry and “finger pointing” during his pitch.

Police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said the community officer for the neighborhood got four complaints about the solicitor, but that it’s been at least a month since the most recent.

That officer tried to contact the subscription sales company directly, with no luck, Cool said.

Police last knew the man to be living at a Fife hotel or motel, she said.

The community officer advised residents to call police when the man is around, if they feel threatened or intimidated, with a description of him and his direction of travel.

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