Ellie Walton's still one tough little girl

Posted by Larry LaRue on September 24, 2013 

Ellie Walton, all smiles after surviving her second brain surgery to remove cancer.


Now eight-plus months old, Ellie Walton has more scars than most accumulate over lifetimes - and they're all visible on her pretty little head.

Two brain surgeries to remove rare cancers have kept the daughter of Sarah and Kyle Walton alive, and Ellie has done the rest - smiling, laughing and charming her way through hospitals and home visits.

If you've got a few good, warm thoughts, send them Ellie's way. 

On Tuesday, she was due to undergo another MRI, which will determine whether or when she'll need another surgery or chemotherapy.

At home in Spanaway, she's a normal little girl, with an older sister who wanted Halloween decorations put up early and an immense community of supporters through Facebook. 

When there's more news available, we'll post it.



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