Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department says it did not send tweet about quick weight loss scheme

Staff writerSeptember 25, 2013 

@TPCHD tweets, one of which has since been deleted.


A message about quick weight loss distributed via the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department twitter account Wednesday was not sent by the agency, spokeswoman Edie Jeffers said.

She said the message, which she has since deleted, was sent as a tweet sometime before 2 p.m. when the account was compromised, and possibly also as a direct message.

It said: "Quickly burn off 2+ inches of stomach fat while losing up to 30 lbs of fat in less than 28 days," and included a hyperlink.

It wasn't clear exactly how it was sent, Jeffers said, but agency officials seemed to have an idea.

"Our IT people just said that I needed to get a more complicated password, so I did that," she said.

Jeffers sent a clarifying tweet on the department's account to assure the public the agency did not send the message, and emphasized that the health department does not promote quick and easy weight loss.

"We're going to have to point you to active lifestyles, healthy eating, less sugar, cut out tobacco," she said in an interview with the The News Tribune about the rogue tweet.

Then, laughing: "It seems to be adding to our followers a bit."


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