Three Puyallup police vehicles damaged in chase

Staff writerSeptember 28, 2013 

Three Puyallup Police vehicles were damaged—one of them totaled—in a Saturday morning pursuit of an 18-year old woman police say was high on drugs and fled her home after assaulting her mother.

The woman’s mother called police at about 9:15 a.m. and reported that her daughter was under the influence of narcotics and was assaulting her at their home in the 2800 block of 6th Street Southeast in Puyallup.

The daughter was gone by the time police arrived, but according to Puyallup Police Capt. Scott Engle, an officer located her vehicle at 9:23 a.m. in the 3100 block of 5th Street Southeast and attempted to stop her.

She refused to stop, Engle said, and instead began driving recklessly in an attempt to evade officers. She struck an uninvolved person’s car in the 400 block of 35th Avenue Southeast, then ran head-on into a police car in the YMCA parking lot on 43rd Avenue, striking the police car hard enough to set off the air bags.

The woman fled that collision scene, Engle said, and collided with another officer’s vehicle on South Meridian, causing front end damage to the police vehicle.

A third officer attempted to perform a pit maneuver on the woman’s car in the Willows Shopping Center, putting his own vehicle out of commission with damage to the right front fender and tire.

The young woman eventually collided with a large sign in the 300 block of 43rd Ave. Southeast, disabling her vehicle. She was taken into custody at that time. She suffered only minor injuries in the collisions, Engle said.

One of the pursuing officers also received minor injuries, Engle said.  He was treated at the scene and released.

The uninvolved person did not sustain any injuries, Engle said.

The young woman was booked for two counts of second- degree assault and one count of fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

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