Who would you like to read about?

Posted by Larry LaRue on September 30, 2013 

Name the most interesting folks in Pierce County

The News Tribune does a pretty good job finding people for you to read about on a daily basis, but there's no doubt marvelous stories - and columns - are out there in Pierce County.

Want to help us find them?

Consider this a call for thought: Who do you know who has a story that touched, fascinated, enraged you or made you laugh. A neighbor, an employee, someone you saw mentioned and wanted to know more about?

Give me a name and a story - a reason you believe their tale is a good one.

It could be an author, secretary, painter, pastor or potter. A kid who faced down adversity, a retired woodworker who makes bird houses for everyone in the neighborhood. Your husband, your wife, your teacher, your psychiatrist, your favorite local celebrity.

Give it some thought and, please, help us find the stories that should be written and read.

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