Need a tough, disciplined employee? Hire a Wimberger

Posted by Larry LaRue on October 12, 2013 

Elena and Gus Wimberger are back from a 140-day jaunt up the Pacific Crest Trail, battling  injuries, hunger and weather throughout their adventure.

They left in May, started at the Mexican border and, though an early snowstorm stopped them 60 miles from the Canadian border, survived a 48-hour forced march to get out of blizzard-like conditions.

Yeah, two tough kids.

Elena, 23, is a college graduate. Gus, 18, graduated from Foss High School last spring.10 -

Here are some fun numbers from the trail:

 - 7. Number of National Parks visited along the way.

 -10. Number of shoes required (for both)

 - 14,505. Highest point reached (atop Mt. Whitney).

 - 150. Snickers bars consumed (both).

Now that the two are back in Tacoma, both Gus and Elena are looking for work. Neither is certain about long-term plans yet, but they want to earn money for their next adventure.

So, if you're an employer with a job that requires determation, responsibility, toughness or someone with a quick smile, here's two recommendations - and how to reach out to them.

Elena Wimberger:

Gus Wimberger:

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