Pierce County man who threatened abortion clinic pleads not guilty

Police say the suspect threatened to blow up clinic that was to perform his ex-girlfriend’s abortion

Staff writerOctober 14, 2013 

A Pierce County man has pleaded not guilty to accusations that he threatened to blow up the clinic where his former girlfriend was scheduled to have an abortion.

Corey Thomas Jones, 31, is charged with interfering with a health care facility and threatening to bomb or injure property. Prosecutors said in court records that they expect to add charges such as felony harassment, coercion and cyberstalking as the investigation continues.

The court set his bail at $150,000 at his arraignment Friday. Records did not specify his city of residence.

Charging papers give this account of the alleged threats:

Jones was believed to be the father of the unborn child. On Sept. 30, the night before the ex-girlfriend was scheduled to have the abortion, a man called the Cedar River Clinic “on call” line and told a staff member that he would “kill everyone involved” if the woman was seen. He began shouting, then hung up.

The next morning, a different staff member checked the voice messages. In one, a caller who identified himself as “Corey” said his girlfriend had an upcoming appointment, and that he wanted to let the clinic know he was going to kill everyone there, and that they would “die and go to hell” because he was going to blow up the facility.

The message came from Jones’ phone.

The man mentioned Tacoma and Renton in the message.

Cedar River has facilities in Tacoma, Renton and Yakima.

Jones entered the Tacoma clinic about 8:45 that morning, yelling that the people there were “going to go to hell” for what they were doing, and then walked out.

A security worker called 911 when he noticed Jones standing on the corner and staring toward the clinic.

When Tacoma police officers arrived and tried to contact Jones, he fled.

The ex-girlfriend told police that she recognized Jones’ voice while she was in an exam room at the clinic.

At 10 a.m., a man called the clinic and said: “Everyone needs to get out of the building in 15 minutes or you’re gonna die.”

The security worker searched the Tacoma building and did not find anything suspicious. The Yakima and Renton buildings were evacuated.

The ex-girlfriend told law enforcement later that afternoon that Jones had been sending her threatening text messages, and she showed them the messages, including: “Im sooo far gone now I care bout only revenge. Im excited now to get even. This gnna go nationwide and ill be a martyr … mark my word bitch,” and “you gonnna be miserable the resttof of your short life.”

Lakewood police arrested Jones on Thursday, after he allegedly burglarized a Lakewood motel and fought with officers while handcuffed before trying to flee.

Jones pleaded not guilty Friday to second-degree burglary, third-degree malicious mischief and resisting arrest in that incident.

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