National campaign "Fix The Debt" gives special attention to Washington state

State has active local chapter of effort to resolve budget and debt problems

Tacoma News TribuneOctober 14, 2013 

Co-founders of the Campaign to Fix the Debt Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles are launching a national advertising campaign. It underscores the need for lawmakers to end the harmful partisan posturing that continues to divert attention from passing a budget, protecting America's full faith and credit, and dealing with the nation's significant fiscal challenges such as our national debt.


Maybe a folksy scolding from the two political figures most-associated with a bipartisan effort to reduce spending and reduce the national debt will help.

Given the recent failures of the incumbents in Washington, D.C., it couldn't hurt.

A national organizing focused on getting the president and the Congress to seek bipartisan solutions to the growing debt is including Washington state in a TV ad campaign.

"For crying out loud, Erskine, who isn't fed up with what's going on in Washington?" asked former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson in the TV spot that will play in the Seattle-Tacoma market.

"These politicians are playing games, they're jerking our country around from crisis to crisis," responds Erskine Bowles, a Democrat and chief of staff to former President Clinton.

The two co-chaired a 2010 national commission on how to fix the debt issues. It recommended both revenue increases and reductions in entitlement spending. The report was mostly ignored and the pair have co-founded the Campaign to Fix the Debt.




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