Tacoma gets $133,000 gang prevention grant

Staff writerOctober 17, 2013 

The state has given Tacoma $133,000 for gang prevention work, the city said Thursday.

The grant funding, the same amount of which was given to a suburban King County center and a program targeting Benton and Franklin counties, was designated by the state Legislature to implement federal anti-gang measures.

The method, designed by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency, is a framework for how law enforcement, schools, social services and other agencies can work together for gang prevention.

Tacoma's Gang Project has been using this model, and the funding will help it continue to do so, according to the city.

In a release, city officials said Tacoma will contract with community groups for services such as graffiti removal.

“With these much needed dollars, we can continue our work to foster a comprehensive and community-inclusive anti-gang approach, build capacity within the community for gang prevention and intervention, and develop programs, strategies, and policies to reduce youth gang involvement,” said Assistant City Manager Tansy Hayward, who also oversees the City’s Neighborhood and Community Services Department. 


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