Buy something cool, help teach a Rwandan to sew

Posted by Larry LaRue on October 18, 2013 

Looking for a gift - from a hand-made quilt to a braided bracelet - there's a good-cause art sale today in University Place that will let you help do something strange and wonderful.

Send three northwest quilters to Rwanda.

The sponsor is Tacoma-based non-profit Hospice Without Borders, an organization that will open a hospice in Olympia this December and is assisting another in a small Rwandan village.

Three volunteer quilters will spend a few weeks in Rwanda in May, teaching 13 hospice workers how to quilt and sew. That skill will allow them to make and sell work that will support them and the hospice.

Stop by the sale, at Mount Cross Lutheran Church, 8902 40th St. West in University Place, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and meet those inivolved.

Co-founder Angela Lee, quilters Rose Flannigan, Trulee Reed and Julia Teters-Zeigler will be there. And so will Grace Mukukaranga, who runs the Rwandan hospice - and speaks perfect English.

There will be quilts, jewelry, original prints, glass, woodworking and plenty of interesting conversation. Come by early and meet a News Tribune columnist.

Now wouldn't that be special.






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