More women complain of being videotaped at Puyallup jail

Staff writerOctober 19, 2013 

Nearly two dozen more women have come forward with complaints about being videotaped in the nude at the Puyallup city jail.

According to a KING television report, most of the women were DUI suspects who say they were forced to strip naked in a holding cell to change into jail clothes. They said they didn't know they were being recorded on a monitor that could be seen by mostly male jailers.

KING quoted Seattle attorney James Egan as saying, “We’ve got dozens of other people calling who had similar experiences in Puyallup. We’re sorting through them right now.”

In August, 11 women and one man sued the City of Puyallup, claiming it inappropriately video-recorded them undressing or using the toilet at the city jail after they were arrested for misdemeanor DUI.

City officials gave a vigorous defense of the practice of video-recording inmates and DUI defendants and accused Egan of exploiting the state’s Public Records Act to troll for clients.

The City said on the day that the lawsuit was filed that such filming in jails is a common industry standard and that they would not change the practice.

“The jail videos we've watched so far don’t show any inappropriate activity. In fact, the corrections officers are acting very professionally,” said Puyallup City Attorney Kevin Yamamoto.

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