Mixed martial arts fighter charged after Tacoma wedding reception fracas

Staff writerOctober 23, 2013 

A drunken mixed martial arts fighter who needed “some room” allegedly slugged a uniformed federal law enforcement officer during a wedding reception at Tacoma’s Union Station this summer, court records show.

The fighter, 28-year-old Jordan Michael Hillis, also is accused of hitting another man at the reception.

Pierce County prosecutors charged Hillis this week with one count each of third-degree assault and fourth-degree assault.

He has yet to be arraigned.

The assaults are alleged to have occurred on July 14.

An inspector for Homeland Security told investigators he was working after-hours security at Union Station during a wedding reception when he saw Hillis rip off his shirt and begin punching another man. It was about midnight, and Hillis had been making rude comments in the hours up to the attack, the inspector said.

The inspector said he tried to grab Hillis by the arm “and next recalls looking up with Hillis over him,” court records show.

The inspector and a private security guard then chased Hillis outside and down the street, but he allegedly knocked the inspector down again and fled, the records show.

A federal agent later contacted Hillis at his parents’ home.

He told the agent he was at the reception (his girlfriend was in the wedding party) and had consumed a large amount of alcohol that day.

“At one point, an individual approached him too close, and he eventually slapped him in the face with an open hand,” the records show.

Hillis allegedly told the agent he was trying to leave when he was approached by a security officer.

“Hillis also struck him with an open palm because he needed some room,” the records show. “Hillis notes he is trained as a mixed martial arts fighter. He states he did not intend to hurt anyone and that is why he never used a closed fist.”

Witnesses said otherwise, describing how Hillis hit both the first man then the inspector with his fists.

The website shows Hillis fought a bout in Vancouver, Wash., in April, knocking out his opponent in the first round of what was scheduled to be a three-round bout. No other information on his fighting record was listed.

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