Sheriff's deputies say would-be Parkland party-goer fired shots when uninvited

Staff writerOctober 28, 2013 

Deputies arrested five people on suspicion of drive-by shooting and assault early Sunday, after one fired shots when they were told they couldn't enter a party at a Parkland house, Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said.

Troyer gave this account of the altercation:

Residents of the house were hosting a small party in the 500 block of 123rd Street South, when people unknown to them tried to get into the small, private gathering.

A verbal altercation started when the newcomers were told they couldn't enter, and one of the uninvited men punched a female who told him to leave.

One of the residents punched the uninvited man, who then fetched a handgun from the trunk of a vehicle and fired at least five shots into the air before fleeing with the other uninvited would-be party-goers.

Deputies stopped the suspect vehicle nearby, and arrested the suspects, all in their 20s from King County.

They tased one suspect, who they said resisted arrest and didn't comply with orders to show his hands.

A pistol was sticking out from the carpet where the suspect had been, deputies said.

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