WWII Vet wants to reach his peers, send 'em to D.C.

Posted by Larry LaRue on October 30, 2013 

Honor Flight certificate of recognition


Drove out to Spanaway Tuesday because Douglas and Elizabeth Scott asked, and their coffee is almost as good as their company.

Some will remember Scott from a Sept. 25 column about his then-upcoming trip to Washington D.C., courtesy of Honor Flight, a national non-profit that flies World War II vets to see the WWII memorial.

Well, Scott and one of his sons, Stephen, made that trip this month. All it cost them was Stephen's airfare - everything else was gratis.

"It was a wonderful experience," Scott said. "The reason I was happy to talk about it before I went was I hoped to let more vets know about the program."

And now?

"It meant a lot to me," he said.

Two nights in D.C., with a full day in the middle that began with buses taking vets to the WWII memorial. Scott, who was on the Normandy beach on D-Day, admitted he shed a tear or two.

He also made plenty of new friends, vets from around the country, and the group took in the Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and other sites.

If you're a vet and interested, here's the website to visit to fill out an application for flights that will begin again next summer.

Over the past year, quite a few of the folks I've written about have befriended me, some on Facebook, others more personally. Doug and Elizabeth adopted me like their neighbor's big black dog.

"Any time he sees Douglas drive home from somewhere, he comes running over hoping for a treat," Elizabeth said. "He doesn't always get one, but he always has hope."

I can now identify. Along with conversaion and coffee yesterday, Doug gave me a tee-shirt from his trip. Maybe they wanted to be able to tell me apart from the dog.


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