Four candidates, 'one big party' at Puyallup restaurant

Contributing writerNovember 5, 2013 

Julie Door and Heather Shadko await election results Tuesday with friends and family at the Ram restaurant in Puyallup.

The joint election night party for Corry Glucoft, Julie Door, Heather Shadko and Karen Edwards was packed Tuesday night at the Ram restaurant in Puyallup.

Glucoft, Door and Shadko were all contenders for the Puyallup City Council. Edwards was competing for the Puyallup School District director position.

With what appeared to be a landslide victory for Door and a sizeable win for Shadko, the two candidates’ constituents were thrilled to be in attendance.

Glucoft was trailing in her race, but she was still in good spirits.

“Overall (it was) an amazing experience,” she said.

Edwards’ School Board race was too close to call after the second batch of results.

“We’ve been working hard for the past five years for families of Puyallup and students of Puyallup and will continue to do so,” she said.

Leon Leonard, a Puyallup resident for 15 years, was at the Ram to show his support for all the candidates.

“The number of people here is indicative of the commitment people in the city have to see more diversity on the council,” he said. “It’s a bunch of old men!”

The room was full of children adorned in stickers and T-shirts for all the candidates. The mood was lively and the energy was high.

Each candidate took turns embracing members at the party, even stopping to hold hands and hug one another for photo-ops throughout the event.

Peg Mcgarry of Gig Harbor said she too supported all the candidates.

“We are here to be around all the other people and positive energy, and to share the excitement,” she said.

The four candidates shared 25 core volunteers to help with their campaigns.

“It’s all one big party,” Shadko explained.

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