Protest at Federal Way Walmart calls for better wages, end of 'bullying'

Staff writerNovember 12, 2013 

More than 100 protesters picketed outside a Federal Way Walmart store Tuesday morning calling for higher wages, more working hours and an end to what they called "bullying" of dissident workers.

The protest was part of a national campaign to persuade the world's largest retailer to share more of its wealth with workers and suppliers.

Tuesday's rally was organized with the aid of unions, churches and social welfare organizations.

The protest began with speeches in the street outside the store parking lot. Chanting protesters, watched over by half a dozen Federal Way police officers, then marched to the sidewalk in front of the store.

There they conducted a ritual "coaching" of store manager Josh Proctor.

"Coaching" is a Walmart procedure the company uses to tell employees of their deficiencies and how to correct them. Proctor listened but didn't comment.

About 30 minutes later the protesters retreated to the street for lunch.

Tuesday's Federal Way protest was a prelude to a larger demonstration planned for the chain's Factoria store.

Walmart has launched its own national counteroffensive with commercials touting job and promotion opportunities, worker benefits and working conditions.

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