Traffic Q&A: Slowpokes in left lanes can get ticket

rob.carson@thenewstribune.comNovember 25, 2013 

Question: Why doesn’t the Washington State Patrol enforce the law requiring drivers to move back over to the right when not passing?

On wider roads (three or four lanes) cars sit in lane 3 or 4 and create an often dangerous furball behind them with traffic having to change lanes to faster or slower lanes to get around.

It creates many near misses. — Mike, Federal Way

Answer: “We do enforce that law,” said trooper Guy Gill, spokesman for the State Patrol in the South Sound. “Troopers in District 1 (Thurston and Pierce counties) have stopped over 2,000 drivers for left lane violations over the past year,” Gill said.

“We talk about it a lot in social media,” Gill said. “We have a YouTube series called 'Good to Know,' where we highlight the importance of keeping right, and we’re involved with public service announcements about this very topic.”

“We agree with you,” Gill said. “Drivers who camp out in the left lane are slow-moving safety hazards, and they’re responsible for some of the traffic flow issues we all get to face while commuting.”

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