Seattle Mariners 2014 Free Agent Budget Tool

Staff writerNovember 27, 2013 

So you think you can do Jack Zduriencik's job? Here's your chance to be the Seattle Mariners general manager.

Using The News Tribune's Mariners budget tool, you can sign free agents, cut and waive players, build a bullpen and a rotation and shape a roster that is ready to contend in 2014.

We've supplied an estimated payroll for you to work with and a list of the current major-league free agents. So get to work.

Sorry, no trades however. This is for free agents only; as a rookie GM, you aren't ready to wheel and deal on that level just yet.

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Where's the current amount dedicated to salaries?

It's at the top of the diamond in the blue bar. It will update as you add and subtract players.

How many players do I need?

The team has a 25-man roster for the season. We've included 25 players who are in the running to be on the squad so you've got some choices to make.

How do I adjust positions for the players?

Click on the position name to the left of the player. A dropdown menu will appear. Click again to change the position. If you replace a player on the field, that player will be moved to the Bench.

What is "DFA?"

In order to remove a player from your major league roster, you must designate them for assignment (DFA). For purposes of this tool, you'll be on the hook for anyone with a dollar sign in the DFA button. Any player without the dollar sign will be claimed by another team on waivers or outrighted to the minors, not counting toward your budget.

And what is "option?"

A player who has an option can be sent to the minors. His contract is a split one where he makes a certain amount of money for being in the majors and much less in the minors. For purposes of this tool, we won't count an optioned player's salary against your budget. There are exceptions. Dustin Ackley and Danny Hultzen have major league contracts, so they get paid the same even if they're in the minors.

Are the salary numbers accurate?

The numbers are not official and some have been rounded off to make the math easier. We have taken contract information from Cot's Contracts. Arbitration numbers have been estimated by Matt Swartz at MLB Trade Rumors.

How do I know how much free agents are worth?

We recommend looking at Fangraphs crowd-sourced free agent contracts. But if you want to talk Jacoby Ellsbury into a $1 million dollar deal, go ahead. It's just for fun.

Is this the 40-man roster?

No. You're just worried about the 25-man roster with this tool, but we've included a few candidates on the 40-man who you may want to promote to the Major League roster.

Staff members Darrin Beene and Todd Florence contributed to this tool.

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