Traffic Q&A: Nobody gets free pass for speeding, state patrol says

Staff writerDecember 1, 2013 

Question: Why are drivers from Oregon given free passes from speeding infractions? Every day on Interstate 5 they are running 10 to 25 miles per hour above the speed limit – and they don’t get stopped.

It must be common knowledge in Oregon that this is the case, as almost all of them we see passing us are well over the speed limit. Is it just too much trouble to deal with the system out of state?

These are seen constantly on the I-5 corridor around Tacoma and Seattle, and apparently never enforced.

  • Mike, Federal Way

Answer: “Drivers from Oregon or anywhere else are absolutely not given free passes from speeding infractions while driving in our state,” Washington State Patrol spokesman Guy Gill said.

“Since you only asked about Oregon vehicles, I will tell you that troopers in District 1 (Thurston and Pierce counties) stopped more than 2,600 vehicles with Oregon license plates for speed violations over the last year.

“Our goal is very simple: Reduce collisions. We do that by enforcing violations that are commonly associated with causing collisions such as speeding. It makes no difference to us where the driver is from. If he or she is speeding and we stop them, they are subject to an infraction.

“I’d like to ask Mike a question,” Gill said. “When you go fishing, do you catch every fish in the lake?

“I didn’t think so.”

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