Donated African art collection nets new online sales record for Tacoma Goodwill

Staff writerDecember 2, 2013 

Move over, Salvador. Your record has been bettered.

Where the record of $21,005 for a Salvador Dali etching has stood for just over a year, Tacoma Goodwill has announced that its e-commerce site,, has reached a new high with the sale of a collection of African art.

In 55 lots, the collection earned bids of $23,472.90.

Anonymously donated at the Port Townsend store, the collection contained tribal items from Mali, Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Camaroon.

Items included masks, helmets, a fertility figure, headdresses and sculptures as produced and used by peoples including the Banbara, Bobo, Makonde, Karumba, Dogo, Bangwa Bwa and Bamileke.

“There were a variety of bidders from around the country,” said Goodwill spokesman George White on Monday.

“We are thrilled that a Port Townsend anonymous donor has made such an impressive donation,” said Terry Hayes, Tacoma Goodwill president and CEO.  “The African collection will provide significant revenue for job training in the region. When donors give us high value merchandise we often sell it online, maximizing the value of each gift, and turning that value into resources for job training to put people to work in our community.”

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