Marriage Licenses for the week ending Dec. 6

Tacoma News TribuneDecember 9, 2013 

ALONZO CARDENAS/RAZON Rema Ann with Luzvismin Felipe II, both of Tacoma

AMAN/IDLER Gaber Mohamed, JBLM, with Renae Marie, National Park, N.J.

ANDERSON/CARRALEZ Rhonda Mae with Alfred Daniel, both of Puyallup

ANDRES/ANDRES Paul Hayes Jr. with Jennifer Jean, both of Fircrest

AZABACHE-CLARK/TAPIA Marcus Daniel with Aurora, both of Tacoma

BARRETT/SANDERS Shayvonne Lynetra with Jermarcus Jerome, both of Lakewood

BENNETT/OWENS Melvin L. Jr. with Samara K., both of Tacoma

BENTLEY/BAKER Mitchell Stewart with Alicia Irene, both of Tacoma

BERGQUIST/VOIE Phillip James, Kent, with Christa Lynn, Tacoma

BOWMAN/ANDRADE Ethan Edward with Kimberly Adilade, both of Tacoma

BRANNON/ZOLLINGER Stephen Eugene II with Jena Kay, both of Tacoma

BRYAN/DIEZ-GUTIERREZ Matthew Kraig with Kladt Cecilia, both of Tacoma

CALLAHAN-McBRIDE/SCHMIT Macayla Marie with Jason Caine, both of Puyallup

CHARBONNEAU/BOONDEEWIENG Arthur Leo with Suwapat, both of Spanaway

CHARLESTON/KOUFOS Ezekiel Anthony with Athena Angela, both of JBLM

CHOI/ROSE Geonheum with Chung Sop, both of Tacoma

CLARK/BUDLONG Bryan Thomas with Jessica Lynn, both of Milton

COLE/RAFTER Shannon Charity with Toreon Rashad, both of Tacoma

CONKLIN/REID-RIVERA Robert W. with Yolanni A., both of Tacoma

COON/GALLAGHER Heather Brooke with Michael David, both of JBLM

CRAVENS/BORSH Blake Aaron, Lakewood, with Megan Danielle, Carmichael, Calif.

DAVIS/JOHNSON Garrett Mason with Courtney Marie, both of Tacoma

DAVIS/ANDERSON Timothy Eric with Laura Anne, both of Puyallup

DEBOLT/CLARK Damian J. with Mattea June, both of Puyallup

DIERICK/CLARK Christopher James with Krystal Marie, both of Yelm

DOLAN/COR Amy Nicole with Joseph Delainey, both of Tacoma

DOUGLASS/GARCIA Jeremy Scott, Olympia, with Daisy Paige, Lakewood

DOZIER/WEBB Chyna Rochelle with Brandon Phillip, both of Tacoma

DREWS/STONE David Alan with Kristine Marie, both of Graham

DULAY/PUGLIESE Henryk Abreu with Nila Asssunta, both of Tacoma

ELROD/BALLI Brandon Scott with Amanda Marie, both of DuPont

EMELIO/LEIATO Lelani T. with Benjamin F., both of Fife

ESTEBAN/HULL Esteban Luis with Lauren Renee, both of JBLM

EVANS/HOLMAN Carlington Jessie, Freeport, Grand Bahamas, with Heather Mae, Bonney Lake

FARRAHI/ADAMS William Matthew with Teara Kathleen, both of Tacoma

FARRELL/GRAY Catherine Patricia with William Darien, both of Tacoma

FEILOAKITAU/MURPHY Bryttnilynn Faleolaemoeifaga with Anthony Jovonte, both of Puyallup

FIEBER/RUSSELL Jerry Allen with Jan Ellaine, both of Gig Harbor

FORD-UMFUHRER/LAWSON Austin D. with Amber, both of Tacoma

FOSTER/MOORE Stephanie Adrianne with Joseph Paul, both of Tacoma

FRALEY/McKEOWN Donald Bart II with Lea Renee, both of University Place

GABRY/WILSON Anthony Gerald with Brienne Megan, both of Tacoma

GALLAGHER/POOL Ileen Marie with Janet Elizabeth, both of Puyallup

GIBSON/PETTIS Amber Dawn with Erin De Shea, both of Tacoma

GOODWATER/COOPER Brian Scott with Rachael Danette, both of Orting

GOSSELIN/BRADE Blane Edward with Lisa Carol, both of Tacoma

GRISHAM/DOGEAGLE Alyssa Milaine, Tacoma, with Caleb Joshua, Puyallup

GUTIERREZ/LAPINA Roman Ronald with Mary Rose Dela Cerna, both of Tacoma

HAILEY/HALL Kenneth Ray with Jeanne Louise, both of Spanaway

HALLER/MAKEPEACE Daniel Kevin with Michelle Marie, both of Puyallup

HARRIS/JORDAN Toney R. with Theresa L., both of Tacoma

HARRISON/TAYLOR Kierra M. with Whitney Elaine, both of Tacoma

HAWKINS/BROWN Stephen Mark with Brittany Nicole, both of Tacoma

HENDERSON/GABRIEL Randall Demitri with Patricia Danielle, both of Lakewood

HENRY/JOHNNY Duran with Teresia Melessa, both of Tacoma

HENRY/WOJEWODZKI Patricia A. with Sheila M., both of Tacoma

HORTON/MOSS Calvin with Melissa Laine, both of Tacoma

HUGHES/SCHLUETER Jose Lamar with Cynthia Lynn, both of Auburn

INGRAM/SLOAN Jennifer Olivia with Derek James, both of Spanaway

IRWIN/RAMOS Wendi Rae with Frank Frank, both of Spanaway

JOHNSON/HENRY Catherine Renee with Gregory Michael, both of Tacoma

JONES/PRICE Douglas Jerome Jr. with Marcie Antoinette, both of Tacoma

KACIRK/SERL Jonathan Key with Heather Larae, both of University Place

KINGSLEY/DODD Matthew Isaiah, JBLM, with Kelly Nicole, Buchanan, Tenn.

KOUACOU/SPEIGHTS Marie-joelle, Tacoma, with Tarryn James, Lakewood

LACAYO/ESCOBAR Alex Bismark, Lakewood, with Viviana, Antioch, Calif.

LADD/BROWN Melissa Nichole, Redding, Calif., with Brent Carl, Tacoma

LEE/LINDSEY Jamison Donovan, Skippers, Va., with Miya Ann, Auburn

LEIMAN/MOORE John Charles with Dalene Harriet, both of Gig Harbor

LENN/LAWRENCE Matthew Reed with Shawna Michele, both of Puyallup

LESTER/NIEVES Jerremy David with Samuel David, both of Tacoma

LEW/SWENSON George Aaron with Brooke Ashley, both of University Place

LOPEZ/SIERRA Araceli with Alvarez Victor, both of Puyallup

LUKYANOV/KOSTENKO Daniel Viktor with Anastasia A., both of Tacoma

MAJORKI/MAJORKI William with Kathryn, both of Tacoma

MALO/ANDERSON Nancy, Tacoma, with Shauna, Lakewood

MARKERT/FLEMING Jayson Paul with Chelsea Lynn, both of JBLM

MATAUTIA/LOGAN Marissa Makanani, Tacoma, with Jonathan Anthony Sr., Fife

McCANE/JANUARY Roger Allen Sr., Tacoma, with Debbie Ann, Kent

McNELEY/BOUSH Jena Bradt with Cody Bert McNeley, both of Puyallup

MEAD/GLAAB Barbara Nemnich with David Wayne, both of Lake Tapps

MONTES-RAMIREZ/BUCY Miguel David, Beaverton, Ore., with Sarah Belle, Portland, Ore.

MULLINIX/BARRIENTOS Cynthia Rose with Ralph Brian, both of University Place

MURPHY/APODACA Katherine Rose with Adam Michael, both of JBLM

MYERS/PITTMAN Gary Lee Jr. with Kayli Lynn, both of Tacoma

ORTLOFF/SMITH Stephen Micheal with Susan Jeanette, both of Tacoma

PAGE/PUFFER Garland Kendal with Caroline Elizabeth, both of DuPont

PATTERSON/SOLER Patrick Allen with Aranzamendi Richard, both of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

PAULIS/ETSE Klain B. with Evangelynn B., both of Tacoma

PETERSON/MUNRO Graham Tash with Elizabeth Ann, both of Bonney Lake

PHAM/TO Nghia Hung with Angie Ngoc, both of University Place

POTTERTON/ESTABROOK David Allen with Christina Lynn, both of Tacoma

PULVER/GOMEZ Jamaica Spring with Galvez Jorge Antonio, both of Federal Way

PURNELL/WENZLAFF Zenovia Rae with John Michael, both of Tacoma

PUTNAM/PUTNAM Adam Laird with Lydale Megan, both of Fox Island

RECTOR/BOWLBY Tyler Lee with Sunny Elise, both of Tacoma

REDDEKOPP/LAMBERTON Danielle Nicole with Rex Warren, both of Spanaway

REED/PINEDA Jessica Renae with Elias, both of Lakewood

REYNOLDS/CANOY Ryan Christopher, Shoreline, with Carla Joy Lariosa, Puyallup

RITZ/TERCEROS DE SOUZA Kyle Richard with Camila, both of Puyallup

RIVERA/SANGER David, East Setauket, N.Y., with Karla Ann, Puyallup

ROBERTS/DOWNEY Leigh A. with Mary E., both of Cottage Grove, Ore.

ROCK/FURPHY Kalsey Joseph, JBLM, with Elizabeth Laurel, Gold Canyon, Ariz.

ROGERS/RONNING William Michael with Svend John, both of Tacoma

ROSARIO/LYONS Deirdre Nicole with Robin Kay, both of Tacoma

ROSENMULLER/ROSENMULLER Danette Midori with Henning Alfred, both of Lakewood

SCANLAN/MOLENI Jordan Riley with Siniva Senine, both of Tacoma

SCHOLL/MORMAN Clark Clement with Cindy Lee, both of Puyallup

SEABERT/MWEHIA Rebecca P. with Edward Mbugua, both of Tacoma

SEPT/WILBURN Heather Michelle with Peter Johnmark, both of Auburn

SMITH/ADAMS Daniel Sidney with Gloria Ann, both of Lakewood

SMITH/KECK Sylvester Marcello Jr. with Michelle Ann, both of Tacoma

SOHAYDA/NESLUND Thomas Shawn with Joan Alida, both of Edgewood

SPRINGER/KAUFFMAN Sarah Ann, DuPont, with Alexander Donald, Kent

STAFFORD/VAN Patricia Earl, Tacoma, with Parys Don Robert, Des Moines

STARR/WEILBACHER Ralph Dean with Robert Paul, both of Edgewood

STRONG/DAVIS April Ann with Joshua Jerome, both of Graham

STUMPGES/BLOUNT Cortanee, Federal Way, with Cavazie D'anjelo, Petersburg, Va.

SWARTZ/ZHOU Ian Michael with Can Lei, both of Tacoma

TRAN/DEL Khanh Gia with Fierro Therese Marie A., both of DuPont

VALLIDO/LIN Anthony Joseph Sr. with Sarah Liza Pia, both of Tacoma

VANDERWALL/FLYNN Ronald Glen, Lakewood, with Billie Jo, Cleveland, Ohio

WALSTON/ORLOB Cynthia Ann with Sherrie Lynn, both of Lakewood

WARD/GALLEMIT Jonathan William with Cleo Cuevas, both of Tacoma

WATTERS/GAGNON Jennifer Mae with Brandon Francis, both of Lakewood

WHEELER/LITTLE Bradley Alan Jr. with Kaitlyn Christine, both of Tacoma

WHIPPLE/CONLEY Virginia Lee with Margaret Ann, both of Lakewood

WILCOX/HAMMOND Oliver Sean with Jennifer Anne, both of Puyallup

WOOD/CASTILLO Patricia Lynn, Tacoma, with Edward Martin, Kent

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