Port of Tacoma extends deadline for proposals for Thurston County site

Staff writerDecember 9, 2013 

The Port of Tacoma is allowing potential buyers of a 745-acre potential industrial site in Thurston County an extension of time to submit proposals for the tract.

The deadline for submission of proposals, once Dec. 6, has been reset to Jan. 17.

Tara Mattina, port spokeswoman, said the port allowed potential buyers more time to prepare because of the rush around the holidays wasn't allowing them sufficient time to study the property and prepare elaborate proposals for the land.

The port is remarketing the property because a previous buyer, Maytown Sand & Gravel, had relinquished the land to the port in a court settlement.

Maytown was mining gravel on the site, but complained that regulatory delays had prevented it from getting that operation up and running smoothly in time to generate enough income to meet its payments.

The port is disposing of the land because it met political resistance to its original concept for the site as a rail marshaling yard for trains bound to and from the port. 

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