Al fresco find: Wood-fired pizza from Pizzahood in Puyallup

Staff writerDecember 11, 2013 

The wood-fired oven of Pizzahood, a new food truck in Puyallup.

SUE KIDD — Staff writer

I know when winter strikes, the first thing I think about is dining outside!

Yeah, no. I’m a wimp. I hate eating outside in December unless my job forces the issue. And that brings me to today’s blog post – al fresco wood-fired pizza.

Despite the chill, I had to check out one of Pierce County’s newest mobile food vendors – Pizzahood in downtown Puyallup.

I rolled up to the 76 Station on East Main and eyed the mobile unit surreptitiously. Was this going to be one of those deals where a slice of “previously baked pizza” (insert your own imaginary air quotes around that) would be “reheated” in some kind of portable contraption?

I imagined a sad slice of floppy trouble, covered in an orange sheen. Then I got out of my car.

The freshly made wood-fired pizza had a base that was crackery and thin, but with enough chewy resistance to make the crust interesting. The toppings were evenly distributed and of good quality. I watched as the female part of the duo made my pizzas to order; her male co-worker rung me up (they take cash or plastic). Both pizzas took about 7 minutes to bake, which is a long wait by food-truck standards, but I’m not going to complain because good food never is made quickly.

The double pepperoni had what tasted like crushed tomatoes as a sauce base and a dusting of dried herbs blanketing the pie. The artichoke pesto chicken pie was loaded an inch deep with toppings (which meant some toppled off, but that didn’t bug me). I appreciated the seesaw of sweet and smoky from bacon, red onions and roasted sweet hot and red peppers. All pies are priced the same – $7.99 for a small (feeds two) and $14.99 for a large (feeds 3-4).

The truck is wrapped in thick plastic, which acts as a sort of hermetic pizza seal. Find the entrance on the rear right of the plastic tent.The wood-fueled oven takes up the center of the truck, a prep area is to the left, and a pay station is to the right. The fun part was watching the pizza chef slide the pie into the wood-fired oven using a paddle. They advertise they only use apple wood to fire the oven.


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