Tacoma City Council awards Broadnax good marks

Staff writersDecember 18, 2013 

Tacoma City Manager T.C. Broadnax received good marks from his bosses in his first employment review since joining the city nearly two years ago.

Members of the Tacoma City Council had positive things to say about Broadnax in his evaluation, which the city released Tuesday.

In public remarks Tuesday, members of the Tacoma City Council praised Broadnax’s work on the city budget, particularly his effort to educate citizens about the council’s decision-making process.

“I think that openness … really went a long way toward gaining credibility in the community,” Councilman David Boe said.

Council members’ ratings of Broadnax reflect that he met or exceeded expectations in all areas.

A few written comments from unidentified council members said Broadnax could improve communication and build better relationships with other agencies, including the state and federal government and local tribes.

Tuesday marked Broadnax’s first review since taking office as the city’s top appointed official in February 2012. He’s scheduled to receive another performance review in February, when his two-year contract with the city is up for renewal.

Though the Tacoma City Council is supposed to review its city manager annually, Mayor Marilyn Strickland said council members were busy with other things last February, which marked Broadnax’s one-year anniversary with the city.

In an interview last week, Broadnax said his time as city manager has been “full of challenges,” which included getting to know the community and understanding the city’s budget issues.

He said in the future, he hopes to improve communication between City Hall and the residents of Tacoma, including providing more ways for citizens to participate in civic events and “find a way to connect them more with the city.”

Broadnax’s contract allows for a performance-based raise upon his annual review, but council members didn’t discuss the option Tuesday. His salary will remain at $221,208, the same amount stipulated in his contract when he was hired.

Even so, Broadnax will take home more in 2013 than he did his first year with the city. That’s because Broadnax was subject to a 5 percent pay cut the city imposed on managers in 2012. He’ll make his full salary this year.

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