Ferry fares to go up for service between Steilacoom and Anderson and Ketron islands

Staff writerDecember 27, 2013 

Rates for ferry service between the town of Steilacoom and Anderson and Ketron islands will increase 3 percent in the new year.

Fares will jump another 3 percent at the start of 2015. All rider categories will go up each year except for youths.

Ferry administrator Deb Wallace said the two-step increase is needed to help cover increased maintenance and operation expenses.

The Pierce County Council approved the fare hikes during budget deliberations last month.

Effective Jan. 1, the adult walk-on fare will increase from $5 to $5.15. The cost for a vehicle 21 feet or less will go up from $16.80 to $17.30 in the nonpeak season and from $21 to $21.65 in the peak season.

The cost for youths ages 6 to 18 to walk on the ferry will remain at $3.40.

The five-trip commuter pass will be renamed the value pass. It will cost $20.60 year-round for walk-on passengers, increasing from $20. The year-round pass rate for vehicles 21 feet or less will go up from $67.15 to $69.15.

For a complete list of fare increases, visit piercecountywa.org/ferry.

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