Marriage Licenses for the week ending Dec. 27

Tacoma News TribuneDecember 30, 2013 

ALEXANDER/KUHN Austin Adam, Graham, with Kira Caylene, Puyallup

AMATO/DOUGLASS Joseph with Linzie, both of Tacoma

ARRIETA/EDWARDS Michael Anthony with Katheryn Anne, both of Seattle

BALSLEY/SHERWOOD Amanda Kristine with Jesse Mickeal, both of Puyallup

BERGLUND/BURTON Christopher Allan with Haley Nicole, both of Gig Harbor

BLANKENSHIP-CULLUM/KERR Whitney Lynn with Dean James, both of Auburn

BOYLAN/PINEIRO Danielle Heather with Christopher, both of Puyallup

BOYLE/MOTHERSHEAD Erin Renee with Cody Brent, both of Bonney Lake

BRADER/LOWRANCE Stephanie Leeann with Brandi Michelle, both of Puyallup

BRINTON/DEWHURST Chad, Tacoma, with Sarah, Mons, Belgium

BRITT/McNABB Brian Allen with Jennifer Lee, both of South Prairie

BULICK/CHAN Thomas Lee, Lakewood, with Felicia Marie, Lacey

CABRERA AJIN /JUAREZ ORTEGA Byron Alexander with Milda Elizabeth, both of Fife

CARTER/GRANT Andrea L. with Garit D., both of Puyallup

CASTILLO/HUANG Fidel Jr. with Yuanxi, both of University Place

CASWELL/CASWELL Daniel Thomas with Susan Laurie, both of Bonney Lake

CESARANO/RIVERA Jessica Ann with Ramel Allah, both of Tacoma

COCHRAN/HUMPHREY Anthonie Micheal, Bonney Lake, with Kari Marie, Auburn

CONNORS/BUSS Jerra Lynn with Michael Thomas, both of Bonney Lake

COULIBALY/KARAMOKO Diakaridja with Tata Fatou, both of Tacoma

COULTER/PETERSON Christine Mary with Linsue, both of Lakewood

CRAWFORD/MOORE Justin Michael, Bonney Lake, with Laura Lynn, Puyallup

CROOM/CHEN Jeffrey Ray with Zhen, both of Lakewood

DANEKER/HARRIS Zachary Taylor, Lakewood, with Ashley Lynn, Bellevue

DEMUTH/CANTRELL Gerald James II with Julie Kang, both of Tacoma

EASTMAN/LOREDO Billy Joel, Tacoma, with Cynthia Rae, University Place

EDMONDSON/STURMAN Daniel Jay with Christina Lousie, both of Edgewood

ERCEG/LINE Steven Thomas with Stephanie Rene, both of Gig Harbor

EREMcIUC/POPOVICH Dmitri with Kristina, both of Federal Way

EVANS/SALMON Duuna Lafay with Lorri Trennesia, both of Tacoma

EVERSON/JORGENSON Justin McKean with Kristen Patricia, both of Gig Harbor

FALEAFINE/SHINETTE Veronica Judith with Alvin Jr., both of Lakewood

FELTY/PETERSON Kimberly Kay with Stephen Gaines, both of DuPont

FLIES/THORNE Jon David with Judith Louise, both of Puyallup

FLORES/SIREECH Bill Celaya with Marisa Paven, both of Tacoma

FUHRER/HUNSTOCK Shawn Tehanna, Whitehall, Mont., with Maria Irene, Puyallup

GALLINGTON/MYOTT Timothy James with Shelby Rae, both of Lakewood

GRAY/KROUPA Paden Levi with Katie Marie, both of Eatonville

GULLEY/HARRIS Gregory Wilmer with Katie May, both of Tacoma

HALL/HILL Tamara Linette with James Roshawn, both of Tacoma

HAMBRICK/WOOD Brandon Tre' with Cassidy Adrienne, both of Tacoma

HAMMACK/WILLIAMS Angela Marie with Kenneth Michael, both of Lakewood

HANDEL/WESTON Karin Elise with Aaron Scott, both of Puyallup

HANSEN/PARKER Deana Elaine with James Loren, both of Buckley

HANSEN/FLEMING Emily Jean with Neil Alan, both of Tacoma

HARMS/BUSH Sheena Irene with Jonathan Robert, both of Tacoma

HARRELL/PECK Ramona Lynn with Michael Joseph, both of Huntsville, Texas

HARVEY/CONRAD Kathleen Mary with Brendon Kelly, both of Graham

HEAD/HELMUS Carolyn Michelle with Jonathan Craig, both of USS Nimitz

HENSON/MARTINEZ Tyler Clell, Lacey, with Barbara Marie, Steilacoom

HERNANDEZ VARGAS/MICHEL-URZUA Alejandra with Hector Daniel, both of Eatonville

HEWITSON/RINKER Mark Del I. with Jan Yvonne, both of Gig Harbor

JAMES/RHODES Sharon Marie with Carol Miller, both of Tacoma

JEWELL/KIM Jesse James with Min A., both of Puyallup

JOHNSON/PRITCHETT Stefanie Glazebrook, Gig Harbor, with Robert Corey, Glendale, Calif.

JONES/FORD Blake Howard, Graham, with Allyson Inez, Sumner

JONES/GONZALEZ Taylor Farrington with Megan Christine, both of Tacoma

KIRKMAN/BOWER Aaron Sterling, Roy, with Sarah Paige, Yelm

KOSTELECKY/MORTENSEN Clifford Allen, Puyallup, with Eva Elizabeth, Eatonville

KUBIAK/NGUYEN Brian Michael, Tacoma, with Han Phuc Bao, Steilacoom

LANGFORD/NG Isaac William, San Antonio, Texas, with Melissa Joy, Puyallup

LEE/THOMPSON Stephanie Rebecca with Jeremy David, both of Tacoma

LIND/WHITTECAR Sandra Marie, Puyallup, with Donald Gene, Stevensville, Mont.

MADSEN/BROUGHTON Bent Peter Jr., with Cynthia Prentiss, both of Tacoma

MANGUM/RAMONES Jonathan Alan, Kapolei, Hawaii, with Charida Frances Zamora, Waipahu, Hawaii

MARQUEZ/LONGORIA Domenic Ramon with Laura Angelica, both of Tacoma

MARTIN/DOWELL Christopher Thomas with Jessica Marie, both of Des Moines

MARTIN/REPPLINGER Joshua Wayne, Tacoma, with Brianna Nicole, Kansas City, Mo.

McCAFFREY/HERLITZKA Michael John with Laura Ann, both of Tacoma

McNEMAR/BLAKE Daniel Joe with Shannon June, both of Tacoma

MEURY/GARCIA Trisha Nicolle with Cris Layaoen, both of Graham

MONTANO RAMIREZ/CONTRERAS Santiago with Jenny Christina, both of Tukwila

MORALES/MORALES Jorge with Maria Esther, both of Lakewood

MORRIS/ROGERS Jacqueline Marie with Gerald Emmett, both of Puyallup

MUNIZ/ALMARAZ Jesus Diaz III with Cassandra Alixis, both of Lakewood

NAGLE/MORGENSTERN Evan Ryan with Clementine April Michelle, both of Tacoma

NAPUTI/TEDPAHOGO Jeena Mia, JBLM, with Jonimonay Muna, Tacoma

NGUYEN/MORGAN Amy Hong Thi Nam with Jeffrey David, both of University Place

NORTON/FINCH Elizabeth Doran with Eric Andrew, both of Sumner

ORR/MEYERS Joshua Timothy with Shelly Nicole, both of Puyallup

PASSMORE/BURLINGAME Jeffrey Wayne with Cayla Lynn, both of Tacoma

PICKARD/DURIAS Andrew Howard with Patricia Navidad, both of Tacoma

RAMOS VILLANUEVA/MENDEZ RAMIREZ Raymundo with Francisca, both of Tacoma

RENAUD/BERNARD Ethan Scot, Tacoma, with Juntapapa, Lacey

RODRIGUEZ/MEDINA Crespo Maximino Jr., with Rivera Arlene Yadira, both of Lakewood

RODRIGUEZ/DUTTON Griselda, JBLM, with Kathryn Elisabeth, Christopher, Ill.

ROGERS/CARTER Robert William with Trina Maria, both of Puyallup

RUSH/DONEY Alexandra Phoenix with Dale James, both of Tacoma

RUSSU/DANOI Denis Semion with Inga, both of Tacoma

SAASTAD/MILLER Holly Anne with Zachary Finn, both of Tacoma

SANDERS/ADEBISI Tawangela Lana with Adeniyi Ojo, both of Tacoma

SAVIDIA/SHANNON David Anthony Sr. with Kayla Nicole, both of Tacoma

SECKEL/TUOHY Nicholas Joseph, Camano Island, with Shannon Marie, Lakewood

SLADE/HARP Chris Jay with Virginia May, both of University Place

SMILEY/GARCIA Traci Lynn with Elaine Marie, both of Tacoma

SMITH/SORAN Allison Lynn with Seamus Francis, both of Tacoma

SMITH/BOOTH Ashley Tara with Nathan Edward, both of Tacoma

SMITH/DEAN Charles Roy with Sandra Jean, both of Tacoma

SMITH/WARD Owen Archie, Orting, with Kyley E., Puyallup

SMITH/HOFFART Timna Nakita Jeyne with Tori Christine, both of Lakewood

SNIPES/KOUASSI Adrienne Yvonne with Mathias, both of Tacoma

TAYLOR/ROSS Johnnie Stephen with Lydia Rebecca, both of Tacoma

TE'O/TYSON Gilbert Schirmer, JBLM, with Kimberly, Fort Wainwright, Alaska

TUCKER/JONES Aikita Lavette with Robert Earl, both of Fife

WALTERS/OKAZAKI Robin Lee with Megan Mary, both of Puyallup

WELLNITZ/SIMON Michael Jason with Amy Colleen, both of Woodinville

WELLS/SCHEIBNER Matthew Harold with Alicia Marie, both of Tacoma

WILMOT/CHUNG Scott Ryan, Tacoma, with Helen Heejai, Spanaway

WITKOWSKI/LEONETTI Teresa Marie with Jason Scott, both of Federal Way

WOOD/LEMASTERS Justin Jerome, Goose Creek, S.C., with Shianne Rose, Roy

WOODBRIDGE/FOX Andrew James with Kristy Ann, both of Ridgewood, N.Y.

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