Pierce County Library seeking interviews on system's impact

Staff writerJanuary 7, 2014 

The Pierce County Library System is seeking people to record interviews about how their lives have been changed by the library.

As a result of winning a national medal for museum and library service last year, the library system will work with the oral history project StoryCorps in March to record 18 interviews about the library’s impact.

Stories can be about individuals, groups, communities or businesses and how they’ve been affected by the library system’s services, events, staff members or other resources.

Interviews are between two people so interview pairs are needed. The deadline to submit a nomination is Jan. 21.

The library system will work with StoryCorps to choose one of the full-length recordings to be edited to two minutes.

Once edited, the interview will be posted on StoryCorps’ Institute of Museum and Library Services page with those from the nine other medal-winners last year.

For more information or to make a nomination, visit bit.ly/1abppNw. 

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