Boeing reportedly wins orders for more than 130 737s from three airlines

Staff writerJanuary 7, 2014 

Three airlines have ordered a total of 136 737 jetliners from Boeing to kick off the 2014 sales season.

At list prices, those Renton-built planes are worth more than $13 billion.

The biggest order came from flydubai, which ordered 75 737 Max 8 airliners and 11 737-800 planes.  That order also includes purchase rights from 25 more 737 Max aircraft.

The airline's commitment was first announced earlier this fall at the Dubai Air Show. The formal order followed recently.

The 737 Max aircraft include new engines and aerodynamic improvements that Boeing says will improve fuel efficiency 14 percent over the best single-aisle airliners now being built.

The first of those 737 Max aircraft are due to be delivered to Southwest Airlines in 2017.

The second-largest order reportedly came from India's SpiceJet, which ordered 42 737 Max aircraft, according to Reuters.

Boeing hasn't formally confirmed that order.

SpiceJet has taken options on 42 more of the planes, the report said.

SpiceJet is a growing budget airline in India, where air travel is growing sharply.

The third order came from Air Algerie. That airline ordered eight Boeing 737-800 planes worth $724 million at list costs.

The airline expects to receive the planes by 2016.



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