UW Tacoma chancellor temporarily reduces her duties during cancer treatment

Tacoma News TribuneJanuary 8, 2014 

University of Washington Tacoma Chancellor Debra Friedman announced Wednesday that she will be partially stepping back from some of her university duties while she fights cancer.

In a letter to members of a university advisory board, Friedman said she is currently undergoing treatment with both radiation and chemotherapy.

She did not offer more specific information about her cancer diagnosis. 

“The impact of this regimen has taken a toll on my energy and will limit many of my activities in the coming weeks,” Friedman wrote.

University spokesman Mike Wark said that Friedman notified both the campus and the wider community about her health issues.

He said she will still be working, but on a reduced schedule.

“She will be here, but just not as visible,” he said. 

Friedman’s letter said she expects to be available some of the time by phone and e-mail during her reduced work schedule. Other university administrators will provide back-up for Friedman.

Friedman came to UWT in 2011 from Arizona State University’s downtown Phoenix campus, where she was a university vice president. Since her arrival in Tacoma, the university has launched several initiatives aimed at connecting UWT to the Pierce County community.

They include partnerships with the Tacoma and Puyallup school districts that seek to enroll more local high school graduates at UWT, a business incubator for military veterans, an applied doctorate degree in education and more.




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