Mexican mogul buys 49 percent of big Seattle-based maritime terminal operator

Staff writerJanuary 9, 2014 

Seattle's SSA Marine, one of the world's largest marine terminal operators, has a new minority owner.

Mexican business mogul Fernando Chico Pardo has bought 49 percent of the terminal operator from a Goldman Sachs private equity fund.

Pardo and his family operate nine airports in Mexico.

SSA Marine operates or owns 210 marine and rail terminal facilities around the world including a container terminal at the Port of Seattle. In Tacoma SSA Marine has signed a deal with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians to develop a tribally owned site along the Blair Waterway. 

No specific plans have been announced for that waterfront site.

SSA Marine is expanding terminals in California, Chile, Columbia and Vietnam.

Goldman Sachs' private equity fund invested in SSA in 2007. Such private equity funds typically invest in businesses during down times and sell those stakes when business improves.  Container traffic fell worldwide in 2007, but has recovered much of its lost ground in subsequent years.

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