Wall Street Journal names Alaska Airlines best performer in 2013

Staff writerJanuary 10, 2014 

SeaTac-based Alaska Airlines has won first place in the Wall Street Journal's annual compilation of passenger service results among nine major U.S. air carriers.

The Journal's Middle Seat column said statistics show Alaska's flights were the most on-time, had the fewest delays of 45 minutes or more and had the least number of tarmac holds beyond two hours.

The airline also performed near the top of the group of nine carriers in passenger complaints (second fewest) and percentage of passengers bumped (third fewest).

Alaska was followed in second place by Delta Air Lines and by Virgin America Airlines. At the bottom of the Journal's list was United Airlines. Just above United was American, which was in bankruptcy during 2013.

The Journal's scorecard was based on statistics gathered by Portland's FlightStats.com and by the federal Department of Transportation.

While Alaska performed well in on-time performance, delays and passenger complaints, it was middle-of-the pack in canceled flights (fourth), and mishandled bags (sixth).

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