Most credit card complaints in the state name Capital One

Staff writerJanuary 14, 2014 

Capital One is No. 1, which in this case is not necessarily a good thing.

Washington consumers file more complaints concerning Capital One that any other credit card company, according to a report released Tuesday by the WashPIRG Foundation.

The report mined data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s consumer complaints database and found, additionally, that some 40 percent of consumers had their complaints “closed with monetary or non-monetary relief ( and) 60 percent of cases were resolved without explanation.”

Chris Esh, program associate for the foundation, said, “Finally, consumers ripped off by junky credit card add-ons or unfair billing disputes have somewhere to turn.”

Among the findings:

• Capital One garnered 7.3 complaints per 100,000 state residents, the highest among major credit card companies. Capital One also earned the most complaints nationwide.

• Over 7,300 state consumers have received monetary relief through the CFPB. In total, the agency has helped nearly 10,000 consumers get relief from credit card problems.

• The median amount of monetary relief was $128.

• Washington ranks 22nd nationally in complaints.

• Consumers were most likely to complain about billing disputes (16 percent), difficulty with APR or interest rates (10 percent), and trouble with identity theft, fraud or embezzlement (7 percent).

• Among the 10 credit card companies garnering the highest number of complaints, Barclay’s and U.S. Bancorp finished at the bottom of the list.

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