Fife City Council appoints new mayor, mayor pro tem

Staff writerJanuary 14, 2014 

In a 5-2 vote Tuesday night, the Fife City Council appointed Glenn Hull as the city’s new mayor. Hull takes over for Rob Cerqui, who received the other two votes, including his own.

“I know it’s a difficult choice,” Hull said of the split decision. “We’re all dedicated to bettering our city.”

The appointment comes after Hull, who formerly served as mayor pro tem, expressed his interest in the job to fellow council members late last year.

In an email obtained by The News Tribune, Hull outlined his willingness and ability to lead the city, adding that he respected Cerqui’s time served.

“(In) no way is this a rebellion against our current Mayor,” he wrote in the Dec. 13 email to fellow council members, including Cerqui.

Hull said his role in bringing new bus routes, more parks and a new library to Fife are examples of how his leadership could improve the city. He said he’s given Fife a “place at the table on many regional issues,” according to the email.

“My record as an agent for change is clear,” he wrote. “While I have been near the front on most of these issues, they would not have been possible without your support.”  

Fife has a council-manager form of government, and both mayor and mayor pro tem are appointed positions with two-year terms.

Cerqui has served on the City Council since 2004, and was mayor the last two years. Hull echoed his respect for the former mayor on Tuesday night, noting that he sacrificed a lot for the city over his decade of service.

"That sacrifice can't go unnoticed," he said.

Tuesday’s split vote for mayor wasn’t the first.

Cerqui was chosen in a 4-3 vote in 2012, which came about two months after he was arrested in Tacoma for driving under the influence. That time around, the three other votes went to the late Councilman Richard Godwin, who died last February. 

Also at Tuesday's meeting, Councilman Tim Curtis was appointed mayor pro tem.

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