PoliBuzz: Maybe Dan Roach represents a "pothead constituency," too

Election results show anti-pot councilman's district supported I-502

Staff writerJanuary 16, 2014 

Pierce County Councilman Dan Roach says state Rep. David Sawyer is catering to a "pothead constituency" by sponsoring a bill that would stop the county from banning marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas.

Would Roach apply the same label to the voters in his own district? In 2012, they approved Initiative 502, the statewide measure that legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Pierce County voters supported I-502 by a 54-46 margin in 2012. Conventional wisdom suggests that the majority of votes came from the deep-blue city of Tacoma and surrounding suburbs.

A quick look at county voting statistics shows the opposite. Voters supported I-502 in every county council district, including those represented by Roach and Councilman Jim McCune, the loudest voices in favor of banning pot businesses. Here's a look at those 502 percentages, and an interactive map to go with it - just click on your district to see the totals:

District 1 (Dan Roach)

Yes - 51.7

No - 48.3

District 2 (Joyce McDonald)

Yes - 51.5

No - 48.5

District 3 (Jim McCune)

Yes - 52

No - 48

District 4 (Connie Ladenburg)

Yes - 58

No - 42

District 5 (Rick Talbert)

Yes - 54.5

No - 45.5

District 6 (Doug Richardson)

Yes - 54

No - 46

District 7 (Stan Flemming)

Yes - 56.4

No - 43.7

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